Works on Paper

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Architecture of a dream Biome+Ionosphere, Graphite, charcoal, liquid charcoal collage on paper, 2022, h940x1300mm, framed

Zoe Amor, Architecture of a Dream - The Gift I + II_Charcoal on paper, 615 x 1072mm, 2020 Private Collection

Silbury Hill, Graphite on paper 84 x 119cm 2023

Zoe Amor, Study for Architecture of a dream, Pencil on paper, 250x660mm 2017, Private collection

Zoe Amor, Water Lily Lake, Charcoal on paper, h685x920mm 2021

Study for the Arc in Architecture of a dream, Ink on paper

Study for Inside the Tower of Babel, Pencil+graphite on paper, 2015

Inside Yggdrasil (the Axis Mundi or the Mother Library), Charcoal+graphite on paper h1070x1070mm

Lake of Memory (Mnemosyne) Charcoal on paper 660x850mm

Not yet bereft of wildness and wet, Pencil, pastel and graphite on paper, h565 x 765mm 2021

Architecture of a dream - Mothership, pure pigment pastel on Hosho paper, 570x1055mm 2020

Inside the Tower of Babel, Pastel, pencil, white clay h1480 x 890mm

Still Life - quantities of light, pencil on paper in sketchbook

Flying Dream, Ink + pastel on paper in sketchbook

The End of the Road, pencil on paper, 2006